We build a unified ecosystem
with Mammoth Chain.

White Paper


Mammoth Chain

Mammoth is a project to build an integrated infrastructure based on ecosystem resources and will gradually open to the blockchain industry. Relying on the world's largest trading ecosystem, Mammoth is committed to being the birthplace of innovative technologies and innovative businesses, building a complete ecosystem of technology development, application promotion and trading. It allows for more efficient deployment of distributed applications and provides comprehensive authorization for traffic and resources. In addition, Mammoth will provide a variety of innovative services to global developers. Mammoth's ultimate goal is to establish an ecosystem in its entirety so that transactions and economic activities between users can actively occur within it. Accordingly, Mammoth is not dependent on the existing platform, and independently forms the ecosystem. We want to build a platform with infinite possibilities by having our own protocol, mainnet. Currently, Mammoth is excavating projects operating within the blockchain. As time goes by, more and more projects will be operated on the Mammoth chain, which will further increase the network effect.

Higher Transaction Performance

Speed up transactions with high transaction performance through the off-chain method.

Lower Transaction Fee

Reduce Gas Fee in transactions by supporting Smart Transaction Function functionality

Reliable Cross-chain Validation

Transparent management of deposited assets and transaction details by securing reliability and providing Explorer through multiple verifiers.

Excellent Scalability

Mammoth Bridge module With its excellent scalability, it is easy to exchange and transfer various cryptocurrency assets.


Mammoth Ecosystem

Mammoth mainnet ecosystem has many excellent applications including DeFi, DAPP, NFT and other sectors such as wallet, blockchain browser, DEX, lending, NFT trading market, etc.

Massively distributed operating system

Mammoth mainnet is a massively distributed operating system with thousands of nodes running seamlessly on servers and terminals around the world.

The mainnet ecosystem is inextricably linked with prosperity

The strength of the Mammoth mainnet is the support of application software and the prosperity of the Mammoth mainnet ecosystem is inextricably linked.

Has many excellent applications

Mammoth mainnet ecosystem has many excellent applications including DeFi, DAPP, NFT and other sectors such as wallet, blockchain browser, DEX, lending, NFT trading market, etc.

Mammoth mainnet will build a new MNFT platform by upgrading NFT-related projects.

Mammoth mainnet creates an All New Metaverse, and expects infinite development of the metaverse through the perfect fusion of virtual and real.

Participate in the Mammoth GameFi project to realize play to earn and experience a special game world by combining games and DeFi.

Mammoth allows users to judge what DeFi is with convenient operation methods and existing advantages to create more DeFi investment opportunities.

Mammoth will support the new SocialFi by seamlessly combining private social encryption, blockchain and DeFi.

Mammoth DAO
Through continuous development, Mammoth establishes a complete ecological environment, forms a virtuous circle, and ultimately realizes the goal of investor autonomy.


Technology of Mammoth chain

Open-Friendly Blockchain Platform

Mammoth is an open-friendly blockchain platform based on the ecological resources of blockchain and with the advantages of technology and new project mining. It is a decentralized, high-efficiency, energy-saving public chain that can run decentralized applications (DApps) to provide an efficient and inexpensive on-chain environment to store digital assets.

Adoption of Proof of Stake (MPoSA)

Mammoth adopts Proof of Stake (MPoSA), a consensus algorithm, so each participating node has the same authority. Through this, it is possible to freely implement decentralized applications including DeFi, Dapp, digital assets, etc., and to realize the value interconnection of various blockchains more easily and efficiently through the cross-chain module, thereby jointly building an ecosystem and a value-added system.

Providing a high-quality on-chain experience

Mammoth Ecological Alliance provides a wide range of services for Multi-chain Dapps, supports developers to appropriately respond to user needs, and provides high-quality on-chain experiences that coexist with low cost and high performance. Mammoth aims to facilitate the development of large-scale commercial applications based on blockchain technology. The Mammoth Ecological Alliance is committed to expanding the world of blockchain and enabling a more complete ecosystem.

IPFS Protocol technology

“Blockchain connects scattered information”. As the centralized server disappears, the goal is to create a ‘decentralized’ Web that the developers of the Internet naturally dreamed of for the first time. In particular, the core of Web3.0 is IPFS technology responsible for distributed storage. Mammoth already has IPFS technology, which makes it quite competitive


Mammoth Token


Division Contents
Ecosystem 5,500,000,000 (55%)
Operation 1,500,000,000 (15%)
Foundation 1,200,000,000 (12%)
Public Sale 999,000,000 (9.99%)
Private Sale 501,000,000 (5.01%)
Marketing 300,000,000 (3%)
Total 10,000,000,000 (100%)

A total of 10,000,000,000 Mammoth Tokens are issued, and the circulating quantity is 7,000,000,000, which is 70% of the total quantity, and consists of 1,500,000,000 (15%) for operating expenses, 1,200,000,000 (12%) for cutting, and 300,000,000 (3%) for marketing.


Fourth quarter of 2021

Mammoth foundation launched

Mammoth White paper v1.0

Mammoth Public Chain Development

First quarter of 2022

Mammoth Public Chain Beta Open Mammoth Mainnet Open
Mammoth Integrated Platform Development Mammoth Node Election
Mammoth Ecosystem Incubation
Mammoth strategic planning
Mammoth Sale
Investment attraction and Partnership signing

Second quarter of 2022

Mammoth platform Meetup
Mammoth White paper Update
Mammoth-based DApp Development
listed on the exchange or DEX

Third quarter of 2022

Mammoth 2nd Sale
2nd listing on the exchange or DEX
‘Ailnz’ DApp Preview
‘Ailnz’ DApp launching

Fourth quarter of 2022

Other DApp Development
DApp Service Enhancement
3rd listing on the exchange or DEX
Portfolio and Ecosystem Expansion

First quarter of 2023

Business expansion
with strategic partners
Global Marketing Campaign Execution


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파트너 로고3
파트너 로고4
파트너 로고5
파트너 로고6
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